Douglas Aluminum Rental Bleachers

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Elevated or non-elevated in multi-row 21′ wide sections


WHY: Select standard aluminum rental bleachers for the most economical option to bring in temporary seating for your event.

WHAT: Standard aluminum rental bleachers are economical and versatile for either indoor or outdoor use. The bleachers are built on site utilizing angle frame design aluminum understructure in 21′ wide sections arranged individually or in multiple sections joined together for standard 3, 5, 10 and 15 row elevated or non-elevated units. Standard units include single (2″ x 10″) seat boards, double (2″ x 10″) footboards, aisles as needed, and vertical picket fence railing on the back and sides to the third row. Optional 15′ wide units available without aisles.

  • Angle Frame Design aluminum understructure in 21′ wide sections
  • Elevated or non-elevated units in 3, 5, 10 and 15 row options
  • Standard with single seatboards, double footboards, and aisles
  • Vertical picket railing fencing for the rear and sides to the 3rd row

HOW: Call/email us for a free quote to purchase via Purchase Order or Signed Proposal with 50% due upon receipt of order.

For local customers, we will visit your site free of charge to take detailed measurements of your facility to develop a plan and quote for you.


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