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Semi-Permanent Angle Frame Design Bleachers


WHY: Select this unit if you want a permanent type (attached to a concrete pad) bleacher system that is more economical than a beam design system. It must be installed on a level surface. The framing doesn’t allow for open storage underneath the bleachers.

WHAT: The Angle Frame Design Bleachers are the most economical way to add seating to your facility if you have a flat area to install the bleachers. Angle frame design bleachers provide a durable yet lightweight understructure to provide large capacity seating in an economical design. Unlike the beam design stadiums that can be installed almost anywhere, the angle frame design bleachers are generally installed on a flat surface (preferably concrete).

The welded angle frames (aluminum or galvanized steel) spaced every six feet do not allow for clear space under the bleachers. The angle frame design bleachers are typically installed with the basic full plank decking (open space between support posts), but other decking options are available including the popular tongue & groove closed deck system, the channel interlock with a gutter system, and the rigid welded deck system.

Your choice of decking creates multiple options for seating to fit your budget including standard aluminum seating, aluminum seating with backs, and many styles of chair-back and other reserve seating. Lastly, the stadium is secured with your choice of railing options including the standard chain link fencing, vinyl coated fencing or vertical picket rail fencing to customize the look and feel of the stadium.

  • Angle Frame Design understructure (aluminum or galvanized steel) spaced every 6′
  • Non-elevated or elevated bleachers designed for installation on a flat concrete surface
  • Full Plank, Closed Deck or Welded Deck planking
  • Multiple seating options


HOW: Call/email us for a free quote to purchase via Purchase Order or Signed Proposal to be invoiced upon receipt of the equipment.

For local customers, we will visit your site free of charge to take detailed measurements of your facility to develop a plan and quote for you.


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