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I-Beam Design Stadiums and Bleachers


WHY: Select this unit if you want a permanent stadium designed for any terrain with pier type footings and clear spans underneath for buildings, walkways or storage.

WHAT: Beam Design Stadiums are an ideal solution to provide a permanent stadium with a clear span, steel beam understructure to facilitate a variety of uses under the stadium such as restrooms, concessions, dressing rooms, walkways and storage facilities. The long span beams are secured with concrete piers or footings to support the superstructure.

The versatility of these supports allows the stadium to be installed on a variety of existing site conditions including flat areas, hillsides, sloped elevations and even to existing structures. The support beams are typically galvanized steel for protection from the elements, but they can be powder coated with a variety of finishes to match your team colors or venue decor.

The beam design stadiums are typically installed with tongue and grove closed decking, but other decking options are available including full plank decking for reduced cost, the channel interlock with a gutter system, and the rigid welded deck system. Your choice of decking creates multiple options for seating to fit your budget including standard aluminum seating, aluminum seating with backs, and many styles of chair-back and other reserve seating.

Lastly, the stadium is secured with your choice of railing options including the standard chain link fencing, vinyl coated fencing or vertical picket rail fencing to customize the look and feel of the stadium. Custom Press boxes are also available for any Beam Design Stadium.

  • I-Beam Design supports installed on pier footings for any terrain
  • Provides clear span space under the stadium for buildings or storage
  • Full Plank, Closed Deck or Welded Deck planking
  • Multiple seating options
  • Pressboxes and Custom Suites Available

HOW: Call/email us for a free quote to purchase via Purchase Order or Signed Proposal to be invoiced upon receipt of the equipment.

For local customers, we will visit your site free of charge to take detailed measurements of your facility to develop a plan and quote for you.



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