Porter 1235 Portable Basketball Goal

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Professional Competition Portable Basketball System with electric hydraulic Operation


The 1235 Series is the premier system used by the Pros. The clean design of the Center-Strut system ensures shatterproof glass backboards while meeting the most demanding requirements for world-class competition play. A superbly strong and stable mast combines the strength of four structural steel tubes welded into one rugged horizontal support providing the most stable backboard support possible. Like no other on the market, the incomparable design of this unit dampens the vibrations that are typical with aggressive play.

MODEL 1235-108 DRAWING with a 10′-8″ extension includes floor tie down system (anchors extra)

MODEL 1235-800 DRAWING with an 8′-0″ extension

* Easily transported and stored.
* Floor tie-down system.
* Electric hydraulic system.
* Center-Strut horizontal bank extension.

Each Unit Includes:
BACKBOARD Center-Strut Model 00208-000 Rectangular (42 x 72) Glass Backboard. Fully tempered 1/2 thick glass with markings “fired” into a glass to prevent wear.

GOAL Model 00254-500 Torq-Flex 180 adjustable goals. Meets all NCAA, Professional and International(FIBA) recommendations for a rebound performance. Tube-tie net attachment system improves player safety by eliminating conventionally formed wire ties. Anti-whip net included.

BALLAST Furnished with ballast concealed in a base.

PADDING Fully padded with 2 thick shock-absorbing material available in a variety of colors. Optional boom pad is available to meet FIBA requirements.

BOTTOM EDGE BACKBOARD PADDING Model 00326-000 Gray bolt-on backboard padding molded from high-density polyurethane foam.

FLOOR TIE-DOWNS and LOCATOR CUPS Included with the 10-8 unit only (see drawing above). The 10′-8″ extension Tie-down system includes two model 242-100 anchors for the front locator cups, but it does not include two rear tie-down anchors (see rear anchors below) required.

Floor Tie-Down System Drawing for 8′ Extension

All size extensions require but do not include two rear tie-down anchors (see rear anchors below).

REAR ANCHORS (Sold Separately) Depending upon your type of floor, purchase two rear anchors: Model 242-100 thin concrete anchor, or Model 247-100 expansion anchor, or Model 244-000 sleeper anchor, or Model 249-000 floating floor anchor, or the model 242-900 anchor for portable floors.

FINISH White Enamel. Custom Colors are available.

WARRANTY 2 years on all parts; Limited Lifetime Warranty on backboard provided with the unit.


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