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LED Possession Arrow with Bonus Indicator


WHY: Select this product if you want an LED Possession Arrow with Bonus Indicator that is visible from both sides with a unique clear acrylic design.

WHAT: The LED lighted bonus/possession arrow gives you the advantage of viewing the indicator from both sides (on the court for the players and from the stands for the fans) with a unique clear acrylic, patented design. The unit is 30.5″ wide x 10″ high x 3.25″ deep with two LED lighted (red) possession indicators (9″ wide x 8″ high each) and two LED lighted (green) bonus circles (6″ wide x 6″ high each).

The unit operates with a standard class 2 power transformer (120VAC, 60Hz, 30W input/ 12VDC output) that plugs into the side of the unit and any standard outlet with a 6′ long cord. The operator changes the possession arrow (left, off, right) and lighted circle bonus indicator (left, off, right, off) with a pendant switch that plugs into the side of the unit with a 41″ long cord. The possession arrow ships complete with a vinyl cover to protect the unit during storage with a pouch to hold the power adapter and pendant switch.

  • LED lighted (red) possession arrow with lighted (green) circle bonus indicator
  • Viewable from both sides with the unique clear acrylic design
  • Plug-in pendant switch to control the indicators
  • Optional unit available with double bonus indicators

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