BATCO Accordian Folding Batting Cage (54′ Long)

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12′ high x 18′ wide x 54′ long


WHY: Select this unit if you want a folding, accordion type batting cage (54′ long) that can easily be set into place in 5 minutes without the need for elaborate mounting to your building structure.

WHAT: The Batco batting cage is 12′ high x 18′ wide x 54′ long used indoors or outdoors from a 2′ storage length to full extension in less than 5 minutes utilizing an arc-shaped, accordion folding design without the need for elaborate mounting to your building structure. Simply anchor each end of the cage to a gym wall for indoor use or a ground pole for outdoor use.

The support frames are constructed of 16 gauge galvanized mechanical steel tubing arcs with a heavy-duty #42 knotless nylon black net sewn into VCN sleeves around the support tubing. The net features a zipper entrance on one end for entrance/exit without the need to lift up the net. The 18′ wide cage is 50% larger than most cages giving the player’s and coaches ample space for hitting and instruction.

  • 12′ High x 18′ Wide x 54′ Long Folding, Accordion Style Batting Cage with Custom Sizes Available
  • Sets in place in less than 5 minutes without elaborate mounting to the building structure
  • Heavy Duty #42 knotless nylon black net (350 lb. tensile strength) with zipper opening
  • Used Indoors or Outdoors with minimal setup and storage to within 2′


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Batco batting cages are the most versatile on the market today. Fully made in the USA (Iowa), all of our cages are produced with superior materials and cage setup is extremely easy. Offering two sizes and great quality, our cages will suit all of your batting needs for many years.