• How do I get pricing for your products?

Most of the products that we represent are custom products that require a site visit to your facility. Just call us to set up an appointment at 678-873-8504. We will provide an on-site consultation with you free of charge. Once we have a solution for your athletic equipment needs, we will contact you again to go over the proposal with you. For stock products, we can usually send an immediate quote via mail, fax or email at your request.

  • How long does it take to receive my product?

All shipments depend upon factory volume and current lead times. An estimated delivery schedule will be given to you at the time of order. If installed by Equip-it, we will generally be on-site to receive the equipment. If delivered only, a tracing number is usually given at the time of shipment for you to track to your facility with the freight company.

  • Do you service areas outside of Georgia?

Equip-it is based in Athens, GA serving the entire State of Georgia. We do make limited calls around the Southeastern United States. Please call to see if we service your area. In addition, we can supply you with most stock products and ship them to you anywhere in the World.

  • Why can’t I just order directly from the manufacturer?

Most manufacturers have exclusive dealers that sell their products in a given area. They only sell through authorized dealers in specific locations. Other manufacturers are open lines represented by multiple dealers in an area. You can get competitive pricing from various sources for these items. In some cases, a manufacturer may sell products direct, but it is usually a full retail price. They would rather you buy from their local dealer that can support you and provide local service to you all with a discounted price below the manufacturers full retail price.

  • Can I pay over time?

Yes, you can with PayPal Credit.  Just select this option at checkout for a simple option to pay over time with a decision in minutes after a couple questions to answer.  See more information below.