Sport Fields Unlimited, Contact Jeffrey Higgins, 770-983-1010

Specializing in athletic field construction, renovation, maintenance and consulting services. We work with SFU to provide products to Equip athletic facilities constructed by SFU. SFU provides full construction services including building construction, press boxes, site prep, drainage, field turf installation, irrigation and lighting. They also provide on-going field maintenance services such as fertilization, weed control, infield mixes and topdressing. They are a great resource if you are planning a new complex, sports field or renovating an existing one.

Knight Hardwood Flooring, Contact Franklin Knight, 404-281-5807

Specializing in wood flooring and refinishing services. We work with KHF to provide bleachers, volleyball sleeves and other products to Equip facilities where they are providing new flooring. KHF provides new installation services including new maple gymnasium flooring. They also provide on-going floor maintenance services such as screening, sanding, recoating, game lines and logos. They are a great resource if you are planning a new or ready to rejuvenate your old wood floor.