Douglas E-Z RR-36 Replacement Roller

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PVA Replacement Roller (Blue) fits most 3′ wide Tennis water removers


WHY: Select this unit if you want the most popular replacement roller in Blue.

WHAT: The roller fits most 3′ wide water removers such as the E-Z Dri and Court Dry units manufactured with a 5/8″ thick polyvinyl aldehyde (PVA) seamless foam material with a PVC core. The unit creates an excellent “rolling seal” with the court surface and works well on uneven surfaces. The seamless design resists tears and separations and has three times more drying power than standard rollers.

  • Fits most 3′ wide water removers
  • 5/8″ thick polyvinylaldahyde (PVA) seamless foam with PVC core
  • Blue color


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