First Team FT186 Heavy-Duty Outdoor Flex Rim

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Heavy-Duty Outdoor Flex Goal


WHY: Select this rim if you want the most popular heavy-duty flex rim for outdoor use.

WHAT: The FT186 Heavy-Duty Flex Outdoor Goal fits most backboards with a (5″ wide x 4″ to 5″ high) front mount bolt hole pattern. The rim is flexible to absorb the shock of player contact with dual heavy-duty wire springs enclosed with a steel cover plate. The standard 5/8″ high tensile ring is supported by a 3/16″ x 1.5″ rim support that is welded around 60% of the bottom of the ring with a continuous net lock system finished in a durable powder coat orange finish. The goal includes mounting hardware and a heavy-duty nylon net. The rim is covered by First Team’s 2-Year Limited Warranty.

  • FT186 Heavy-Duty Flex Rim
  • Standard 5/8″ high tensile ring with standard net attachment
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • Approx. Shipping Weight: 21 lbs.

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