Gibson Cheer Floor Carpet Bonded Foam

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The most popular choice for cheer floors with carpet bonded trocellen foam for High School, College, and Club Cheerleading.


The rollable cheer floors are manufactured with carpet bonded cross-linked Trocellen foam (26 oz.) for superior resiliency and non-slip traction in this lightweight portable flooring surface. This top grade polyethylene foam is not glued but permanently bonded to the carpet to become one piece that retains superior shock absorption and long-lasting foam life.

Size: Each roll is 6′ wide x 42′ long. Custom sizes are available. A typical cheer floor consists of 7 rolls to make a 42′ x 42′ cheering surface. Sold per roll or as a complete system.

Foam Thickness: 2″ standard or 1-3/8″ foam.

Fasteners: Each roll comes with 42′ of 4 hook fasteners to secure the seams and for storage.

Colors: Standard Blue or Red.


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