Porter 01971 Powr-Rib II Volleyball Standards

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Competition, Adjustable Collar System for multiple sports


WHY: Select this product if you want an aluminum standard with adjustable collar for competition volleyball, badminton, and tennis.

WHAT: The 01971-000 Powr-Rib II International Competition Volleyball Standard is durable, yet manufactured with lightweight aluminum. The standards feature an adjustable collar with a pressure locking T-handle for infinite net height adjustment for volleyball, badminton or tennis competition. Height marking labels are provided for quick and easy setup. The net is attached to the sliding collar pulley and secured to the quick release strap tensioned with the Powr-Winch self-locking ratchet mechanism operated by a removable crank handle for player safety.

  • 01971-000 Powr-Rib II International Volleyball Standards
  • Aluminum posts with adjustable collars for infinite height adjustment
  • Powr-Winch with quick release net strap
  • Choose from 3″ or 3.5″ diameter posts for sleeves (sold separately)
  • Volleyball packages available to include pads, nets, antennas and judge’s stands


Powr-Rib II Volleyball Package
Powr-Rib II International Volleyball Package (Includes Judge’s Stand)

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