Putterman Dura-Air™ PVC Windscreen

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Putterman Dura-Air PVC Windscreen


WHY: Select this product if you want a premium quality windscreen that has a softer texture in a variety of colors with the ability to apply logos and graphics.

WHAT: Putterman’s Dura-AirPVC windscreen is flexible, yet durable and professional in appearance. The blended material is made from 78% flexible foamed PVC and 22% high tenacity polyester yarn bonded at the crossover points to create a flexible, yet tough material that is easy to install with brass grommets every 12″ and highly durable with 4-ply reinforced hemlines. The Dura-Air windscreen is available in Open or Closed mesh material.

  • Open weight of 10 oz. and 170/155 lb tensile strength with 80% shading/windbreak
  • Closed weight of 12 oz. and 200/180 lb tensile strength with 93% shading/windbreak
  • 4-Year Limited Warranty
  • Open colors available in US Open Blue, Royal Blue, Green, and Black (see product data)
  • Closed colors available in Green or Black


Sizes: Standard heights are 6 feet high and 9 feet high, but panels can be customized to fit any dimension. Maximum recommended length per section is 60′ long.

Vents: Die-cut vents at no additional cost or sewn vents for a slight upcharge.

Logos: Custom logos and graphics are available.

Ties: Plastic tie wraps (Black) available for attachment. 120lb. tensile strength recommended for the bottom and 50lb. for the top.

HOW: Add to your shopping cart to order immediately or call/email us for a free quote to purchase via Purchase Order or Signed Proposal to be invoiced upon receipt of the equipment.

For local customers, we will visit your site free of charge to take detailed measurements of your facility to develop a plan and quote for you.


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Since 1920 Putterman Athletics (M. Putterman & Co. LLC) has set industry standards in the athletics industry and over time has become widely acknowledged for creating innovative solutions for the athletic market specializing in windscreens, gym floor covers, netting and many products for tennis, baseball, and softball facilities.  Putterman produces its custom products here in the United States, with production facilities in Chicago, Illinois, and Marietta, Georgia.
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