Sportsfield Specialties Indoor Wall Pads with Z-Clips

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Wood Backed Indoor Wall Pad with Z-clips for attachment


WHY: Select this product if you need indoor protective padding attached with Z-Clips concealing the attachment anchors for a clean appearance.

WHAT: The most durable indoor wall pad attached to your permanent structure with Z-Clips at the top and bottom of the pad or optionally with Z-clips at the top and 1″ nailing margins at the bottom. The WZ series provides a smooth, clean appearance by eliminating the attachment anchors from view. It also allows easy removal of the padding for periodic cleaning or storage.  The pad is constructed with a 7/16″ oriented strand board (OSB) with a 2″ thick Hi-Impact Foam core, covered in your choice of 14 oz. fire retardant vinyl for interior use. The pads are ideal for applying advertising copy or logos directly to the pad surface. Standard pads are 2′ wide x up to 8′ high, but custom sizes are available.

  • Z-Clips for attachment to concrete wall or other permanent structure
  • 7/16″ thick OSB backerboard
  • 2″ thick Hi-impact foam core
  • 14 oz. fire retardant vinyl for interior use

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For local customers, we will visit your site free of charge to take detailed measurements of your facility to develop a plan and quote for you.


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Sportsfield Specialties is the industry leader and innovator for custom gym wall padding, field wall padding, backstop padding, stadium padding and athletic mat products.  Sportsfield Specialties has designed, manufactured, and installed protective padding products for thousands of gyms, schools, recreational facilities, and major stadiums and arenas throughout the country and the world.

Product Data

Wall Pad with Z-clips top & bottom: SSI_WZTBHI_IndoorWallPad_ Z-ClipsTB Wall Pad with Z-clips top & 1" lip bottom:  SSI_WZHI_IndoorWallPad_ Z-ClipsT-LipsB

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