Nevco Non-Lit Scoring Table

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Upgradeable Non-Lit printed image Scoring Table


WHY: Select this product if you want the most economical Scoring Table with a neon-lit front graphic panel that is upgradeable to rear-lit or LED functionality.

WHAT: The basic Scoring Table utilizes a Non-Lit printed image on the impact resistant front panel to display custom graphics with your team’s logo and name to promote team spirit or advertising to generate revenue. The advantage of NEVCO’s 3-in-1 Scoring Table is the seamless integration to lock together any model table, and the ability to upgrade any table from Non-Lit to Rear-Lit or LED models with the unique replaceable cartridge system to maximize your impact based upon your advertising needs and budget.

The table features heavy-duty steel and aluminum construction with a folding 19″ deep table top furnished with an integrated power strip with 8 outlets (120V, 15 amps; separate power cord). Standard sizes are 8′ or 10′ long x 33″ high x 30″ deep. Custom Sizes are available. The scoring table is powder coated to resist scratching and is protected on the top and sides with padding in your choice of 15 standard vinyl colors.

  • Basic Non-Lit printed image front panel Scoring Table
  • Upgradeable cartridge system to Rear-Lit or LED models
  • Padded on the top and sides for safety
  • Optional table covers and possession arrows


Sizes: Standard 8′ long or 10′ long; Optional 4′ long, 6′ long and 12′ long

Upgradeable: Cartridge based upgradeable system to Rear-Lit or LED models without having to replace the table.

HOW: Add to your shopping cart to order immediately or call/email us for a free quote to purchase via Purchase Order or Signed Proposal to be invoiced upon receipt of the equipment.



For 75 years, Nevco has provided facilities with the highest quality display and scoring products in the industry. Whether you are building new, or are upgrading an existing facility, expand the possibilities with a scoreboard, message center or video display from Nevco.