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Portable Angle Frame Design Aluminum Bleachers


WHY: Select this unit if you want semi-permanent or portable bleachers that can be used virtually anywhere on a level surface.

WHAT: Portable bleachers are economical and versatile for either indoor or outdoor use. Portable units are angle frame design bleachers available in aluminum or galvanized steel understructure. Portables come in standard 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 and 15-row units and standard lengths of 15, 21, 27 and 33 feet, but custom sizes are also available. Galvanized chain link fence with 3 pipe rails are included on all units 5 rows or greater. Aisles and aisle rails are added per code requirements. A variety of options are also available including tip-n-roll portables, contour seats with backs and tow packages to make relocating your portable even easier.

  • Angle Frame Design understructure (aluminum or galvanized steel) spaced every 6′
  • Non-elevated bleachers designed for installation on a flat concrete surface
  • Full Plank or Closed Deck planking
  • Portable Tow Kits available


Seating Capacities (Click on a unit for a complete drawing)
Length2 Row3 Row4 row 5 Row10 Row
15′20 / 1730 / 2440 / 3150 / 38100 / 73
21′28 / 2542 / 3656 / 4770 / 58140 / 113
27′36 / 3354 / 4872 / 6390 / 78180 / 153
33′44 / 4166 / 6088 / 79110 / 98220 / 193
Without Aisles / With Aisles


HOW: Call/email us for a free quote to purchase via Purchase Order or Signed Proposal to be invoiced upon receipt of the equipment.

For local customers, we will visit your site free of charge to take detailed measurements of your facility to develop a plan and quote for you.


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